IncLab is an affiliate of

The Civic Participation Project (CPP) at TC

Co-directors: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (Arts and Humanities), Lalitha Vasudevan (Math, Science, and Technology), and Laura Smith (Counseling and Clinical Psychology)

Can academic scholarship become a force that promotes the broad access of all citizens to social platforms, opportunities, and resources? As a contemporary exemplar of the College’s historic commitments to inclusion, CCP aims to demonstrate that the answer is yes. Current innovations in methodology and practice show that academic excellence can coincide with measurable progress toward greater social equity and civic participation – toward democracy as a way of life for all, as John Dewey termed it. These approaches are often associated with descriptors such as inclusive, participatory, collaborative, voice, and action. They include participatory action research, in which academics do not conduct studies on youth or community members; rather, they conduct research with community members as their co-investigators. They include the broad engagement of participatory orientations toward data collection and analysis, along with representational methods that recognize research participants as knowers and as designers of meaning.

The three CPP co-founders have each been involved in enacting this ethos across diverse disciplines and community settings. Supported by the TC Provost's Investment Fund, we joined together to amplify this perspective via a series of activities and events, such as:

CPP Café: Informal gatherings for community reflection, connection, discussion, and idea-generation.

CCP Intellectual Studio: Ongoing working groups that bring together communities of critical friends to collectively study issues from various perspectives, plan future work and initiatives, and workshop their projects-in-progress.

CPP Salon: Convivial dialogue sparked by participatory researchers, community intellectuals, new media artists, public
policy innovators and other guests.

CPP is an umbrella organization for its affiliates, which, in addition to IncLab, include:

MASCLab: a hub for multimodal and digital scholarship that explores the relationship between media and social change. Learn more about MASCLab's work by visiting their website.

Racial Literacy Roundtable: forums for dialogue about race, language differences, sexual orientation, and other issues that impact the teaching of young people in urban schools. RLR events are listed on their Facebook page.



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