IncLab projects

We explore topics related to social exclusion using a wide variety of approaches, methodologies, and paradigms.


In our participatory action research (PAR) and youth participatory action research (YPAR) collaborations, we don't do studies on community members or young people, we do studies with them on issues of local importance. Moreover, we understand these projects to be growthful and educative for all parties involved.

Community Collaborations and Advocacy

We contribute our skills to support community-based organizations and advocacy work that advances social inclusion and psychological wellness.

Qualititative projects

Through our qualitative work, we are able to bring the nuances of participants' own voices and insights to bear on our research questions. The data that we analyze for these projects often exists in the form of interview or focus group narratives.

Quantitative projects

These projects address research questions that can be addressed via the collection of statistically-analyzable data.

We have one such project now in progress and we are inviting participants! In it, we are investigating the kinds of services that K-12 teachers and school counselors can recommend for their students. We would appreciate your participation if you work in a school in one of these ways:

1) You are a teacher

2) You are a school counselor, school social worker, or school psychologist

3) You are a graduate-level trainee in one of these fields -- either teaching/education or school counseling/social work/psychology

You can accept this invitation by clicking onto the link below. The link will take you to a page that tells you more about the survey, and then to the survey itself, which takes about ten minutes to complete.

Here's the link to the survey:

We would appreciate your forwarding the survey link to others who qualify as participants. Thanks in advance for considering this invitation!

Conceptual and theoretical analyses

We understand psychological principals, practices, and scholarship to have important implications for the broad public interest -- and vice versa. In our conceptual work, we analyze psychological research to discover its application to questions of social inclusion and equity, and we also analyze aspects of social inclusion/exclusion with regard to their implications for psychological practice.